Every year, thousands of accidents occur in workplaces due to the interaction between people and vehicles. Many of these accidents are fatal. 

Seguridad en Vehículos
Módulo de la app de Seguridad Industrial y Salud Ocupacional para control y seguimiento de la seguridad en vehículos.

There may be run overs, crushes and ramming. 

Many of these accidents are caused by mechanical failures in the vehicles, which may have been detected in time, and have prevented these accidents, and the consequent injury or death of people. 

One of the ways to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle during the working day is the prior inspection.   

This is done with the assistance of a checklist or "checklist" which must be specific to the type of vehicle or machinery to be reviewed. 

In most companies where a procedure has been established for the daily check list of vehicles, this is done through the use of physical paper booklets, which, for the most part, are kept in the drawers or glove compartments of the vehicles. , thus not fulfilling its prevention function, since the observations made during the execution of the inspection are never resolved.  

SafetyMantis, the Software for the Management and Control of Industrial Safety and Occupational Health in companies, has a module that facilitates the execution of these vehicle inspections from a mobile device, thus guaranteeing the follow-up of the observations made and the reduction in paper use. 

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