Has anyone played Trivia? Or at least know that it exists. Facing the fact that we know things, even vague ones, helps us resist change, because if there's one thing that really scares us, it's the complete unknown. For this reason, we repeatedly resort to familiar forms such as the famous Trivia when planning our prevention game, despite adapting to increasingly complex issues of safety and health at work. In this Trivial, to prevent, we can play by dividing the students into 2 teams. Or we can do small groups of up to 6 people, or if we only have 6 students, we can do it individually. The goal is simple, whoever manages to fill the board with all the colors of cheese wins. The difference with the traditional Trivial is the content, since here we cover the following topics:

Security, for the yellow cheeses;
Hygiene, for the browns;
Ergonomics and psychosociology, green;
EPI, represented by the blue cheeses;
Signaling, with fuchsia ones;
Work teams, under the color orange.

The dynamic is familiar, each player rolls the dice. Depending on the color displayed, it will point to the cheese in the web app and answer the question asked. If and when we find out that the answer turns out to be correct, the winner will mark a box of the appropriate color on the board. If the answer is wrong, it is the turn of the other team or the corresponding player. trivial prevention