From the planning and management of action plans, through identification of hazards and risks, compliance with legal matrices. Nine modules that help us provide comprehensive monitoring of industrial safety and occupational health management.

Módulo de Gestión de Programas y Planes. Software de Seguridad Industrial y Salud Ocupacional

Program and Plan Management  

The system allows us to create personalized programs and plans, as well as a list of goals and objectives to be met. An alert and monitoring system allows us to monitor progress and compliance within the established deadlines.

It works with the support of the mobile app as on desktop. The Reportability system allows us to generate reports and reports in real time, filter a large number of criteria, export graphics and Excel and PDF files.

Reports and Dashboard (DASHBOARD)  

Visualization of real-time data about the HSE performance of the organization.
You can review the company's security observation program since everyone will have their username to carry out non-conformities with the use of the mobile app.
All the data that is collected will help us to have a better idea of the company's performance in terms of HSE and learn about trends, measure in real time the problems that we may be falling into;
in terms of HSE.
This module allows us to create customizable reports from all other modules, for example: STOP-type observations, accident rate statistics, plan progress, occupational health reports, etc.

Módulo de Reportes y Cuadro de Mando (DASHBOARD). Software de Seguridad Industrial y Salud Ocupacional
Módulo de Planes de Acción. Software de Seguridad Industrial y Salud Ocupacional

Action plans  

This module allows us to generate action plans made up of a series of activities with start and end dates, with assigned managers and means of verification. The action plans are derived from various preventive activities, risk analysis, incident/accident investigation, Management Inspections and supervisory bodies.
The system establishes responsibilities. Record main and successor activities also from the mobile App.
Compliance Measurement and Control

Document Management  

Keep all your Documents, Procedures and Instructions, Reports and more, in a single platform, with version tracking and online approval system.
All in the same module, fully configurable for the needs of the company. Support for all types of documents, Word, pdf, Excel, jpg, maps, ArcView, etc. Information relevant to the organization can be shared.

Legal Compliance Matrix  

For all companies, compliance with all aspects required by national law is of paramount importance.
The multiple obligations required by the different control entities are updated and reflected in this module to guarantee compliance and avoid sanctions.

Legal Compliance Matrix  

Efficiently manage certifications and control of mandatory documents. The system allows you to enter the personal identification number from the mobile App and search for the documentation and validity of the same according to the procedure established for said job, which is associated with the objective of ensuring that each person complies with the appropriate protocol. .

Módulo de Gestión de entrega y uso de Equipo de Protección Personal (EPP). Safety Mantis. Software de Seguridad Industrial y Salud Ocupacional

Management of delivery and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This module allows you to keep track of the delivery of Personal Protection Equipment. Verify that the job post maintains the appropriate PPE for its work, that deliveries are made with the correct periodicity.

The process begins with the generation of a PPE delivery order voucher to an employee by the Supervisor. Warehouse registers the delivery, through the system. Delivery reports per worker, by type of PPE, Kardex of maximum and minimum stocks in warehouses, and alarms of excesses in the amount of delivery of specific PPE. It supports multiple warehouses, customizable alerts and all types of reports configurable to the needs of companies.

IPERC Hazard Identification

The hazard identification, risk assessment and control implementation module is based on the IPERC tool.
Through the application of this matrix we will be able to determine, for each job position, the dangers and risks to which the worker is exposed, thus being able to establish the necessary control measures to mitigate or eliminate the risks and dangers.
This module is the basis for determining the needs of other modules such as: training and use of personal protective equipment for example.

Módulo de Identificación de Peligros IPERC. Safety Mantis. Software de Seguridad Industrial en Ecuador
Módulo de Indice de Gestión. Software de Seguridad Industrial

Management Indexes

This module makes it possible to generate and maintain control of Safety Management indices and indicators, indices of
Frequency, Severity and Risk Rate, from a simple and friendly interface.