A complete module that allows the management of all occupational exams, their monitoring with alerts and notifications. In addition to management and control of all medical care in general. Monitoring of vaccinations and epidemiological control.

Módulo de Exámenes Ocupacionales y Vigilancia de la Salud. Software de Salud Ocupacional

Occupational Exams and Health Surveillance

The system allows the design of specific follow-up exams for Homogeneous Risk Groups.

From the creation of the person as an applicant for a position by HR, to the completion of all pre-occupational and occupational exams, retirement, reinstatement, etc.

The results of the occupational examinations are entered into the platform by the laboratory contractor, thus freeing the Occupational Physicians in the field from work, so that they can optimize their time in prevention tasks. The Medical Care Module allows us to record all the medical care generated in the field in dispensaries and polyclinics. In addition to the management of Kardex de Medicinas.

The system, through a powerful component of alerts and reports, organizes all the occupational exams that
employees must be performed according to their jobs.
All reports are generated under the instructions of the Medical Record of the Ministry of Public Health.

Epidemiological Sentinel (COVID-CONTROL)

Allows your company to receive information and monitor in real time the circumstances of each of its
employees, individually and effectively regarding their exposure to COVID19, through online surveys.
Comprehensive management of quarantine processes, PCR tests and vaccination, prior to entering the field, with automated geolocation information. .

Módulo: Centinela Epidemiológico (COVID-CONTROL). Software de Salud Laboral