A powerful system based on mobile devices for the inspection and reporting of observations in the field. It allows us to totally eliminate the use of paper, and comprehensive monitoring of all observations and opportunities for improvement. Planned inspections, daily vehicle report, survey of non-conformities among other seven modules.

Módulo de Gestión de Riesgos tipo RDI – STOP - ALERT. Software de Seguridad Industrial

Risk Management type RDI – STOP – ALERT  

Evaluates risks, determines preventive and mitigating controls, assigns execution managers and monitors compliance.

It allows the reporting of news and observations, through a web interface and smart mobile devices. Monitoring of the same, assignment of managers and deadlines, as well as the generation of reports
in an efficient way.

Work permits  

Through customized formats for the company, critical operational risks are identified for verification in the field, through the use of mobile devices.

The means of verification of the controls carried out prior to the execution of the task are recorded, through photographs and registration of the acknowledgment by the workers, this can be achieved with the use of electronic wallets, digital signatures and QR codes. Making the operation free of the use of paper for these activities.

All the authorizations that must be obtained from the Managers or Supervisors of the areas, prior to the execution of the task, are carried out electronically, being able to reject the execution of the task and with the possibility of verifying that the work was carried out. according to established standards.

Módulo de Permisos de trabajo de la suite de Seguridad Industrial "Safety Mantis"
Módulo de Organización y planificación (Inspecciones Planificadas) . Safety Mantis

Organization and planning (Planned Inspections)  

Allows you to create specific verification checklists by type of commitment. Through the use of mobile devices
intelligent, planned inspections can be carried out, assignment of responsibilities for the lifting of
observations, closure of observations, as well as the registration of means of verification. Generation of alerts, monitoring of observations and automatic and advanced reporting.

Inspections of infrastructure, specific sectors, fire systems, fire extinguishers, etc. 

The system facilitates the execution of any planned inspection, through alerts and notifications, observations and non-conformities via mobile devices and follow-up until the closure of all non-conformities. 


Stationary Machinery Checklists

This module allows us to configure an unlimited list of Checklists of all kinds of machinery, cementers, generators, conveyor belts, rigs, etc.
Inspections are carried out from mobile devices, thus avoiding the use of paper. All news and findings are automatically reported to those in charge of solving them. 

An alert and reporting system maintains proper management and control of all inspected equipment.

Safety Mantis. Módulo de Listas de Verificación de Maquinaria Estacionaria
Listas de Verificación diaria de Vehículos. Safety Mantis. Suite de Seguridad Industrial

Daily Vehicle Checklists

Daily vehicle inspection forms are a thing of the past.
Now they are done from the user's cell phone. Allowing real-time reporting of news, which are automatically sent to those responsible for managing the solution.

Everything reported does not stay on paper. No more vehicles without lights, bad tires, etc.

Alerts and reportability maintain a history of all inspected vehicles.

Internal Audit Management

Through the use of smart mobile devices, you can carry out Audits, Inspection of Control of Control Entities and Management Walks, with configurable weightings, assignment of responsibilities for monitor the closure of findings, nonconformities and compliance with corrective actions, as well as the record of means of verification.

Manages the entire process of internal or external audits, calculates the respective adherence percentages and monitors compliance with action plans, with the possibility of uploading evidence.
Create fully customized Checklists. Create and measure Audit programs. Monitor Action Plans.

Módulo de Gestión de Auditorías internas.
Módulo de Hoja de Ruta Vehículos. Suite de Seguridad Industrial "Safety Mantis"

Route Sheet Vehicles

The route sheet module helps us to collect news that existed on the road, prior to sending a convoy of
trucks and mobile equipment. Through the use of a mobile device, these observations are collected geo-referenced, which are then reflected in a report.

Said report is approved by supervision. When leaving the convoy of vehicles, trucks and mobile equipment in route, the pilot car, through the use of a mobile device will be alerted to all the news, observations and critical points that exist on the route, thus avoiding the occurrence of an accident.