Monitoring of all training and competencies of each of the employees, a module for continuing education online, assignment of personalized tasks and their follow-up. Carry out accident and incident investigations, and follow up on all corrective actions effectively.

Módulo de Gestión y Control de Capacitaciones y Competencias. Safety Mantis. Software

Management and Control of Training and Competencies

Tracking of all training events, renewal alerts for critical courses, and advanced reporting.
This module maintains control over the level of training and skills of the company's workers by job position, assigning each one a series of skills and mandatory training for each position.
Statistics by job position and level of compliance with training programs

E-Learning Module (Online Training)

This module allows the company to create content online, and invite an unlimited number of attendees to said training via email.

The staff can take the training online, viewing videos, pdfs, texts, PowerPoint presentations, etc., you can take evaluations, and if you pass, you will be registered in the system.
Ongoing online training is often the best option.

Módulo de E-Learning (Capacitación en Línea). Software de Seguridad Industral "Safety Mantis"

Incident/Accident Investigation

This module allows us to immediately report any incident from the field, through a mobile device.
The system guides us for the categorization of the incident, the generation of reports to regulatory entities and the consequent investigation, through various investigation tools such as:
Why?, ICAM, Tree of Causes, Cause – Root.

Once the causes and corrective measures have been determined, they are assigned to a person in charge, who has a deadline to close them, as well as the record of evidence and means of verification.

The system also generates alerts about the deadlines and expiration of the commitments acquired. The automatic and advanced reporting allows the customization of various types of reports, according to the needs of the company.

Custom Tasks Module

This module allows the company to assign scheduled tasks such as supervisions, inspections, tours, training, behavioral observations, etc.

Tasks are configured so that they must be completed in specific months and weeks. The employee must comply with the tasks, in addition to reporting them through the system, uploading the evidence of compliance.

The reporting component reflects the percentage level of compliance by person, department, branches and company, as well as
as its comparison over time.

Módulo de Tareas Personalizadas. Software de Seguridad Industrial