The prior inspection of all critical machinery in industries is a priority, in order to avoid personal accidents, material damage and production losses.

This module allows us to configure an unlimited list of Verification Lists (Checklists) of all types of machinery, cementers, generators, conveyor belts, rigs, etc.
Inspections are carried out from mobile devices, thus avoiding the use of paper. All news and findings are automatically reported to those in charge of solving them. 

An alert and reporting system maintains proper management and control of all inspected equipment.

The pre-operation inspection of critical machinery is a comprehensive process that involves carefully reviewing and evaluating each component and function of the equipment before putting it into operation. This process makes it possible to identify possible failures, wear or deficiencies that could cause accidents or interruptions in production. In addition, pre-inspections help pinpoint any need for maintenance or repair, helping to extend the life of machinery and minimize long-term operating costs.



imagen de aplicación móvil con lista de verificación o checklist de inspección de maquinarias


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