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Chile updates the National Safety and Health at Work Policy.

With an activity carried out at the ILO headquarters in this city, the Government [...]

Climate change harms the health of the world's workers 70%

A recent report published by the International Labor Organization (ILO) has shed light on [...]

Why is it important to carry out monthly inspections of mobile fire extinguishers in the fire prevention strategy?

Inspection is a quick process to visually determine if a fire extinguisher is properly positioned [...]

The promotion of mental health is positioned as a prominent priority in the field of occupational risk prevention.

The Occupational Health Strategy of the Balearic Islands for the period 2023-2027 has as a priority focus [...]

Software for the monthly inspection of fire extinguishers using mobile devices

The Safety Mantis software for the management and control of industrial safety and occupational health [...]

Dollar General, Pennsylvania, blocked emergency exits

The US Department of Labor found that Dollar General blocked emergency exits, [...]

Software for the inspection of Critical Machinery

This module allows us to configure an unlimited list of Verification Lists (Checklists) of all [...]

Importance of the Inspection prior to the operation of all critical machinery

The previous inspection of all critical machinery in the industries is a priority to avoid accidents [...]

Everything you need to know about back pain if you work sitting down

Several measures are proposed to be adopted in order to promote an enabling environment [...]

6 measures to prevent risks to the mental health of workers

Several measures are proposed to be adopted in order to promote an enabling environment [...]

Vehicle safety in the workplace. Digital Checklist.

Every year, in the workplace, thousands of accidents occur due to the [...]