4 out of 10 employees have been emotionally affected by the pandemic, according to a survey conducted by Hays Consulting.

Several measures are proposed to be adopted in order to promote an environment conducive to the well-being of employees.

6 medidas para prevenir los riesgos para la salud mental de los trabajadores.

1. Prevention in psychosocial risks.

to. Assess stress risks
b. Take control measures
c. Update prevention plans

2. The digital disconnect

to. Limitation of email and message hours outside working hours.
b. Prevent worker burnout or burnout syndrome.

3. Training and Training

to. Train employees at different levels about Mental Health problems.
b. Promote the non-stigmatization of mental problems that can be many and do not mean weakness or incompetence.

4. Top management must provide support

to. The 42% of workers who have believed they have complex situations have stated that they have not received support or attention from their employers, according to Hays.
b. Persons with competencies must be designated to give the necessary support to employees who are going through complex situations in terms of their psychosocial condition.

5. Establish assistance programs

to. From psychological support to legal
b. Financial help
c. The purpose is to help prevent and/or overcome emotional crises, as well as stress, anxiety and depression.
d. “Spending money on this type of solution is always an investment”

6. Maintain and socialize a protocol against harassment

to. Prevent workplace bullying
b. Prevent sexual harassment
c. It must include a reporting channel and support for victims

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