The importance of a computer system for safety and health at work.

Once it is decided to implement a new management system for occupational health and safety (SSL), teamwork begins. One of the key departments to carry out this transition will be information technology (IT).




Once it is decided to implement a new management system for occupational health and safety (SSL), teamwork begins. One of the key departments to carry out this transition will be information technology (IT). The IT team will not only lead the change process between systems, but will also translate our needs into technical language and search for the most suitable management application on the market.

In a preliminary phase, it is essential to evaluate the usefulness of the new system, analyze existing systems and involve all interested parties. Next, we will focus on the second phase, which encompasses the acquisition and installation of the new program.

Cloud or local server?

For example, the IT team will determine where all system information will be stored, whether on a local server or in the cloud. Currently, the trend favors installation in the cloud, thanks to improvements in speed and security. In fact, about 80% on the market already use cloud solutions, compared to just 20% a decade ago.

The reduction of costs associated with infrastructure, savings in applications and computer programs, as well as the optimization of time and human resources, support cloud storage. This decision represents an important first step that will help us implement the new SSL system with more guarantees and economic resources.

A centralized program

One of the significant improvements of the new SSL system is its ability to integrate all of the company's computer applications into a single software. This successful integration will be crucial to facilitate error-free analysis and ensure optimal performance in daily operations. The consolidation of all business tools in a single manager, from human resources programs to ERP systems, will simplify data updating and reduce the workload in the Health and Safety department.

Versatile and mobile solution

The new system adapts to the specific needs of the company and the new ways of working and communicating. It allows access from various devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) and promotes productivity by facilitating real-time data delivery to the SSL team, even in the field. Mobile device adoption at work is on the rise, reaching almost 50%, supporting the importance of mobile-friendly systems.

Embracing the new digital paradigm

In the field of occupational health and safety, the oldest technologies are not always the most effective. The continuous development of new technologies improves existing prevention tools and makes them more efficient. The digital transformation of society drives the updating of companies through technologies such as wearable devices and the analysis of large volumes of data. The implementation of the SSL system seeks to make the most of this new digital paradigm.

After addressing the technical aspects of system implementation, it is crucial to focus on its functionalities and benefits. Although the implementation of comprehensive systems can be complex and take time, once this initial phase is over, it will provide new functionalities and integrated management.

Featured functionalities include risk identification, definition of preventive actions, correction and feedback of safety audits, as well as accident report generation. In addition, it facilitates communication with workers and covers training needs through an online platform, which reduces the workload of the SSL team and promotes continuous learning of the workforce.

To summarize and refine the most suitable SSL solution, it is useful to make a list of key points before installation. In addition, it is important to establish clear objectives, such as the definition and monitoring of risks, system control, training of workers and management of activities with contractors and subcontractors.





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